Transmission Repair

The transmission of your car works hard. It is one of the major parts that can fail over the lifetime of a vehicle. The certified mechanics at Malone’s can quickly diagnose the problem and suggest whether to repair or replace your transmission. At Malone’s, we pride ourselves on offering quality work at an affordable price. We go even further by backing up all work with a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty.

You will only ever pay for what you need to get your car up and running.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We will identify exactly which parts are bad and only charge for what needs to be replaced
  • We carefully test the vehicles to make sure everything is in working condition
  • Any work that requires transmission removal is handled with care. Your car won’t ever come back with any surprise problems
  • Our diagnosis takes into account not just the transmission, but everything related to it.
  • German cars can have complicated parts. We specialize in European brands so that we have a deep understanding of your vehicle.
  • Each inspection is custom to the type of vehicle we are working on. Each one is different, so there is no cookie-cutter approach here.

Transmission Maintenance Services

  • Computer and human diagnostics
  • Transmission flush
  • Fluid change
  • Transmission filter inspection & change
  • Electrical component replacement
  • Sensor replacement
  • Transmission replacement
  • Transmission rebuild
  • Transmission reseal
  • Worn/damaged part replacement
  • Installation of your own ordered transmissions – new or used

Affordable Transmission Repair

We don’t want our jobs to be tougher than it already is. We will never bill you for repairs that you don’t need. If we can repair your transmission without having to remove it from the vehicle or replace it completely, then you can bet that is the option we are going to take. We pride ourselves on the trust we have established with our customers over the years. It is the reason we are one of the highest-rated auto repair shops in Marietta. By taking your vehicle to certified mechanics that you trust, you can rest assured that you will be dealing with experts who will only tell it like it is.

Quality service at an affordable cost. It’s what sets us apart from bigger dealerships and is what we pride ourselves in.

Transmission Rebuilds

We always suggest the service or repair that will be the most qualitative and cost-effective for you. With transmission rebuilds, we take apart your car’s transmission, inspect it, and then replace the damaged parts. Each transmission is different. From Audi to Mercedes to Land Rover, we make sure to stringently follow manufacturer guidelines throughout the whole process. You can be sure that when the transmission is reassembled, its done according to factory specs.

This type of work needs to be performed by a specialist who has years of experience working with your brand. At Malone’s we specialize in German auto repair and have decades of experience with the types of luxury vehicles that come through our shop every day.

Transmission Fluid Change

When changing out transmission fluid, we follow manufacturer guidelines per your vehicle. We inspect the filter to see if it needs to be replaced as well. Monitoring and regularly servicing your vehicle will go a long way with preventing transmission problems, keeping your car from overheating and will keep everything running smoothly.

Transmission Flush

When do we need to perform a transmission flush?

Normally, if we observe that there is too much debris built up in the transmission, then we will perform a transmission flush. Over time, grime can accumulate, and the flush will help push it out of the transmission. We will flush the transmission with oil and cleaning solution in order to remove the debris. We then fill up the transmission with new oil.

We only perform this service if absolutely necessary as it can be costly depending on the level of effort involved.

Transmission Parts Replacement

There are many parts inside and around the transmission that work together to help the transmission do its job. From wires to sensors to other electrical components, many things can go wrong. We have sophisticated computer diagnostics that can help detect these problems. Many times, the problem will end up being electrical and not mechanical. For all of these instances, we provide replacements using high quality, manufacturer-recommended parts.


Quality repairs that you can trust every time means that you can rely on the repair services to fix your vehicle correctly, Efficiently, and safely. When you take your car

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