Mercedes-Benz A-Service

Mercedes recommends the A service first be conducted after the vehicle has passed 10,000 miles. Either that, or after 1 year of vehicle ownership. View the Flexible Service System plan to determine exact recommended timings.

After this first initial service, the A service should be conducted every 20,000 miles, or every 2 years.




mercedes-benz a service

Service Performed:


  • Reset maintenance
  • Check interior lighting and check engine light
  • Inspect instrument cluster to ensure proper functioning
  • Inspect electronic components
  • Check seat belts
  • Inspect windshield wipers and washer system
  • Check car horn
  • Replace dust filter (this is only for specific models such as CLK, SLK, C-Class and E-Class)


  • Inspection of entire brake system
  • Conduct visual inspection of tires for any damage or wear
  • Check for proper tire inflation and pressure

Under the Hood

  • Synthetic motor engine oil change
  • Replace oil filter
  • Check hinges of the engine hood
  • Ensure proper fluid levels – corrections are conducted based on manufacturer recommendations
  • Check battery

Our certified Mercedes-Benz mechanics can perform your scheduled maintenance the same day. If you are unsure of which service you need, we can help.

You can view the maintenance schedules at the official Mercedes-Benz US Website:


If you need more detailed information on your service, then we can help. Our technicians will be able to help you find all of the appropriate information (much of it is available in your maintenance manual).


How Do I Know When Its Time For Mercedes-Benz A Service?

On most newer models, you will see a single wrench icon illuminated on your vehicle’s control panel.

How Long Does The Mercedes-Benz A-Service take?

If a mechanic can get to your vehicle immediately, then the service should take no longer than an hour to complete. The oil change usually takes the most amount of time.

How often do you perform a Mercedes-Benz A-Service?

Every 10,000 miles or every year (12 months).

Why should I perform Mercedes-Benz A-Service?

Maintaining your Mercedes is extremely important. The oil change alone, is essential. If you ignore oil changes, then debris will build up inside of the engine that can cause disastrous (and expensive) damage.

Malone's Service - The Difference That Counts

Regular vehicle maintenance is important, which is why you should have a mechanic that you know and trust. At Malone's, we go above and beyond for our customers so that your Mercedes-Benz service is quick, professional and affordable.

  • We are Mercedes-Benz certified technicians
  • We guarantee our Mercedes-Benz A service for 2 years or 20k miles
  • We only use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts
  • We offer free loaner cars for our customers
  • Same day service

The vast majority of our customers are repeat customers because of the care and diligence we take with you and your Mercedes.