Exhaust & Muffler Repair

The exhaust system and muffler are responsible for efficiently and safely removing fumes from your vehicle. The system keeps the car's cabin from filling with these fumes and also muffles the sound produced by this process. A well-functioning exhaust system and muffler will reduce emissions into the environment and increase fuel efficiency.

A car's exhaust system starts all the way near the engine and goes towards the rear of the car in most cases. There are many parts along this route that can fail. Proper maintenance and repair of your vehicle's exhaust and muffler will keep it running smoothly, quietly and reducing pollution.



muffler and exhaust

Exhaust Pipe

This component of the exhaust system is pretty straight-forward in its function - move exhaust fumes from your engine away from you and toward the rear of the car.

There are a few symptoms of exhaust pipe problems:

  • Loud noises and vibrations start to occur underneath or towards the rear of the car
  • Black stains appear on the exhaust

The most common repair we conduct on pipes is for exhaust leaks.

We will typically follow these steps to repair exhaust leaks:

  1. Raise the vehicle and conduct an inspection to locate the exhaust leak
  2. Clean the area around the hole that is causing the leak
  3. Repair the damaged part or replace if necessary
  4. Test the vehicle

Muffle Repair

The exhaust system can be difficult to diagnose because noise is a common symptom of many failing parts of the system. However, the noises coming from the muffle should be fairly distinguishable from the other areas.

If you hear:

  • Deep gurgling or rumbling noises coming from near the muffler
  • Vibrations - you can conduct a visual check of the muffler to see if its rattling around
  • Backfires coming from the rear of the car
  • Bad smells coming from the car

A car's muffler will last for years if you undertake normal driving conditions. We normally repair mufflers that were damaged due to objects coming underneath the car or with older German vehicles, we will see corrosion from materials such as salt. You will most likely notice the signs of a failing or damaged muffler pretty early on.


Catalytic Converter Repair

The catalytic converter is responsible for reducing harmful emissions in the exhaust. When a catalytic converter is damaged or begins to fail, you will notice so almost immediately. Aside from loud noises, you will hear or experience shaking when the car is sitting in idle position. Some people have described the sound like change being shaken around in a metal box.

A mechanic will be able to test and diagnose a failed catalytic converter, but you will also learn about problems when conducting your emissions test. Most of the time, when there is a build up of materials within the catalytic converter, then clogs may begin to form which will reduce the ability of this part to function at 100%.

Catalytic converters are one part of the exhaust system that is usually replaced if we find it to be damaged. Unless you have the part replaced, you will continue to experience lower performance and heightened emissions from the vehicle. If the bad part is not replaced, then other problems may eventually begin to occur, like the vehicle failing to accelerate correctly or power loss.

We replace catalytic converters with new models as specified by your manufacturer. You cannot replace your catalytic converter with a used one.

Exhaust Manifold

This part pushes the gas ejected from the engine through the rest of the exhaust system. The biggest problem with exhaust manifolds is cracking and holes that are caused by the constant heating and cooling that these parts experience.

Leaks from the exhaust manifold can be dangerous and the area where the leak is coming from should be repair as soon as possible.

Symptoms of a failing exhaust manifold:

  • Hissing sound (due to exhaust leak)
  • Loud noises coming from underneath the hood
  • Burning smell
  • Lower acceleration rate or power produced by vehicle
  • Fuel efficiency is lowered

As with most essential components of your vehicle, you should have the entire exhaust system inspected by certified mechanics who specialize in your vehicle.

Exhaust System Services

We specialize in German auto repair and maintenance. We can easily service and repair any European brand. Here are some of the most common repairs and services we conduct for exhaust systems:

  • Exhaust system inspection
  • Replacement of Catalytic converters
  • Exhaust pipe replacement
  • Downpipe replacement
  • Manifold replacement
  • Muffler repair and replacement
  • header and exhaust manifold replacement
  • Crossover pipes
  • Tailpipes

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