Emissions Service & Repair

The mechanics at Malone's service can help you if your vehicle is having difficulties passing emissions tests. You should always see a mechanic who specializes in your vehicle for repairs of the emissions system. The mechanics at Malone's Service specialize in German auto repair. Whether it be BMW, Audi, Porsche, Land Rover, Mercedes or anything in between, we possess the skills and years of experience to get the job done right.

Standard mechanics who do not specialize in European auto repair may not use the most high quality or factory-recommended parts, which can lead to even more headaches down the road. We will diagnose and repair any problems with your car's emissions system and do so utilizing manufacturer-recommended parts and procedures, and all at a price that will beat the dealers.


catalytic converter


Emissions Diagnosis - CO Failures

Depending on the type of vehicle, there may be different procedures and tools required to properly diagnose your vehicle's emissions system. We possess the tools and skills necessary to identify any emissions-related issue with German brands.

Here are some of the more common issues we diagnose and repair:

  • Oxygen Sensors
  • Air injection systems
  • Fuel injectors
  • Air filter
  • Air flow sensor
  • Catalytic converter
  • Thermostat

Emissions Diagnosis - HC Failure & NOX Failure

HC failure will usually result in combustion problems. NOX failures result in incomplete combustion.

The following are common areas that we diagnose and repair due to HC failures:

  • Spark plugs and wiring
  • Leaks in the vacuum
  • Distributor caps
  • Ignition timing
  • Worn valves
  • Problems with cooling system
  • Problem with MAP sensors
  • Problem with air mass sensors



Most Common Reasons Your Car Fails Emissions

We've diagnosed and repaired many vehicles which have failed their emissions tests.

The following are the most common issues we encounter that cause cars to fail emissions tests:

  • EVAP - Evaporative Emission Control System: It stops gas fumes from escaping outside.
  • Oxygen Sensors - Probably the most common cause. A bad sensor cannot check fumes exiting the exhaust. This can lead to many other problems for your car.
  • Fuel Mixtures - If tests detect high levels of CO2 in the exhaust fumes, then the vehicle won't pass emissions. Usually a MAP, fuel injectors or O2 sensor is the problem.
  • Fuel Metering - The engine's computer system may malfunction. This will mean that the correct fuel-air mixture will not be maintained.

Check Engine Light

If your vehicle's check engine light is on going into an emissions test, then the chances of you passing the emission are slim. The check engine light may be something as minor as a loose fuel cap, but may also indicate larger problems within the vehicle. You should always have your vehicle examined immediately if your check engine light turns on.

Some common problems that cause the check engine light to illuminate:

  • Catalytic converter
  • Loose fuel cap
  • Air sensors
  • Emissions control system

You should never attempt to just turn off the check engine light before going into an emissions test. The check engine light is there for a reason. If you ignore the warnings that the car is telling you, then you may face costly repairs in the future due to much bigger damages.

The Georgia Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance Program

According to Georgia's Clean Air Force, all vehicles that are 1996 and newer are equipped with check engine lights. The on-board diagnostic computer will check the vehicle's emissions system regularly and illuminate the check engine light if there are any problems. A vehicle that has the check engine light on will not pass emissions according to this document.

The vehicle has to be serviced before you can pass emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Check Engine Light mean?

This light can mean a problem with the vehicle's emission system. You should have a technician or mechanic inspect the trouble codes in order to determine the problem

What is the OBD?

The on-board diagnostic computer system monitors your car's emission system for problems. If there is a problem, then it will light on the Check Engine Light.

What do I do if my vehicle doesn't pass emissions?

You will have to take your vehicle to a mechanic so that they can diagnose the problem and repair it.

Where can I learn more about emissions testing in Georgia?

You can view the Clean AirForce website here to learn more: http://www.cleanairforce.com/motorists/obd-testing/

Do I have to have my emissions tested?

The following Georgia counties require emissions testing according to the Georgia DMV: You can view more information about emissions testing in GA here: www.dmv.com/ga/georgia/emissions-testing - Cherokee - Clayton - Cobb - Coweta - DeKalb - Douglas - Fayette - Forsyth - Fulton - Gwinnett - Henry - Paulding - Rockdale