Air Filter Services

Your vehicle uses air to help cool its internal components. The engine will not work properly without a constant supply of fresh air coming into the car. The cabin air filter is required to filter out dust and debris from getting into the cabin where you and your passengers are trying to cool off. Without it, the interior of your car would look like a vacuum explosion.

You should pay special attention to all filters of your car, but especially the air filter if you are allergic to pollen, dust and other allergens.




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Air Filter Replacement

The climate control for your cars cabin requires an air filter to keep out dust, pollen and other small particles that may cause issues. Maintaining a high air quality inside of your car is essential for you to breathe normally. We follow strict manufacturer guidelines when replacing air filters. Each brand, from Volkswagen to MINI to Land Rover, will have their own quality control that they require mechanics to adhere to.

When should you have your air filter replaced?

This will be largely dependent on your driving habits. Your vehicle's manufacturer will most likely recommend that the air filter be inspected at regular intervals. If you drive off-road or in areas with a lot of naturally-occurring dust, then the replacements will have to be done more frequently. We will perform an inspection to see if the air filter needs to be replaced or not. The inspection is fairly straight-forward, as we can immediately tell if the filter is clogged up or not.

Engine Air Filter Replacement

Just like how it is a good idea to keep air from entering the car's cabin so that pollutants don't interfere with your breathing, the engine should also be free from pollutants. The engine air filter does just that, it keeps dust and other particles from entering inside of the engine. The engine has many moving parts and requires lubrication in order for these parts to not grind away at each other. If too many materials get inside of the engine, then this could spell trouble over time.

If the air filter on the engine becomes too clogged, then this will prevent enough air from getting into the engine, which can have negative affects on acceleration and cooling. Each manufacturer will have different guidelines for when these should be replaced, which we follow. If we observe that the filter is severely clogged, then we will always recommend a replacement. Similar to the air cabin filter, how frequently you should replace the engine's air filter will depend on your driving habits.

Benefits of Changing Air Filters for Cabin & Engine

  • You can increase the vehicle's fuel efficiency for older vehicles. A clogged filter prevents enough air from getting into the engine, so it has to work harder.
  • Extend the life of the engine. The internal parts can start to wear down if enough sand or other particles enter into these sensitive areas of the engine.
  • Decrease emissions into the environment.
  • Cleaner air for your car's cabin. This is especially important if you are allergic.
  • Less time spent having to clean the interior of your car.
  • Build-up of pollutants can cause damage to the car's interior over years. Air filters will keep this from happening.

Your car is a working machine that requires fresh, clean air. Just like how you change air filters in your house to maintain it, so too should you regularly change out the filters of your car.

Air Filter Change Frequency

You should change your air filter at regular intervals. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Change the air filter every twelve months
  • Change the air filter every 12,000 miles
  • If you are unsure, follow the guidelines laid out by your manufacturer
  • Check your owner's manual

How To Change Air Filter Yourself

  1. Read your owner's manual or look up the information for your specific brand/model online
  2. Purchase the air filter
  3. Find the air filter box underneath the hood of your car
  4. Remove the clogged/dirty air filter from the box
  5. Replace with your new air filter

This is a quick and simple fix that shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time once you know how to do it.


How To Check Air Filter For Engine

You can simply run your fingers along the fins of the air filter to check for air and debris. If the air filter looks good, then many times you can simply vacuum out any dust that may have settled there and move on with your day. It is only when you start seeing a significant amount of buildup that you should get the filter replaced.

Check Cabin Air Filter First

You should always have a skilled mechanic diagnose problems with your AC. Many times, if you are experiencing problems with your vehicle's heating or cooling, the culprit can wind up being the cabin air filter. Unskilled mechanics may waste your time and money on other repairs that you do not need without conducting this simple check. If you have a heating or air conditioning problem, your first step should always be to check the cabin air filter for problems.

Clogged Up Air Filter

In the past, clogged up or choked up air filters affected your fuel economy. This isn't the case as much these days. You will primarily suffer from performance-related issues with clogged up air filters. It is still very important to replace your air filters are regular intervals, but the main reasoning behind it should not be for fuel economy reasons.