Most Common Porsche Mechanical Problems

Porsche is a performance luxury brand. These cars use high performance parts that can take a beating. However, like most cars, these parts will eventually begin to wear and break down. We repair Porsche on a daily basis and have identified some of the most common issues we run across.


Oil Leaks

It is no surprise that this issue appears on the list. European cars in general have issues with oil leaks. Like many other cars, oil leaks can be caused by a number of different things. From valve cover gaskets to spark plug seals, oil can find its way out of the car in a number of ways. One of the most serious areas that we repair is the rear main seal. This leak can have devastating effects on the engine. If allowed to go on, this leaking seal can destroy the clutch in manual models of Porsche. If you store your car for lengthy periods of time, such oil leaks can develop. Depending on the type of leak, more or less work will be required. No matter which type of oil leak you may have, it is important to diagnose and repair as soon as possible. Like many of the problems we repair, leaving them alone will only cause more issues later on.


Heavy Clutch Pedal

Porsche 911 Turbos with manual transmissions will often suffer from this problem. Before you start your Porsche, you can check to see if the clutch pedal is heavy. A common cause of this is the pressure accumulator. The accumulator can spring pressure leaks and will not function correctly when initiated prior to startup. This problem can affect additional components, so it is important to have a skilled mechanic examine the problem in order to make sure the problem is completely resolved the first time you come in.


Coolant Leaks

On Porsche Cayenne models, plastic coolant pipes running underneath the intake manifold will oftentimes leak. The primary sign of this issue is steam coming from the engine. It will start off small and quickly build to a large cloud. The primary way of fixing this issue is to replace the plastic pipes that are prone to leaking with metal ones. Fortunately, there are kits readily available for this exact problem. This is often times an update that needs to be completed no matter what because the leaks are so common that it is only a matter of time before they occur.


Key Stuck

If your key gets stuck in the ignition, then you may have a problem with the ignition lock mechanism. This causes the key to become very difficult to remove. Unless this problem is resolved in a timely manner, eventually you will put the key in and not be able to get it back out. Fortunately, the procedure for replacing this locking mechanism will not require replacement of your Porsche’s key.


Fuel Pump

On many Porsche Cayenne models the fuel pump will fail. This is the most common reason why the car refuses to start at all. If you notice that your car will crank without starting, then there is a good chance that you have a failed fuel pump. There are two fuel pumps on the Cayenne, and many times both will need to be replaced.

Taking Care of Your Mercedes – A/C

Now that its summer time, we get a lot of Mercedes owners coming in for repairs. One of the most common is the Air conditioning system. Many people will wait until its far too late to get these repaired. If it feels comfortable enough not to use your A/C, you should still worry about having one that is in working order.

If you do not take care to constantly check that your AC is running, then you may find that it will start to deteriorate over time. For instance, the AC contains refrigerant that not only works to help cool the interior of the car, but will also help lubricate the system. There are plenty of seals that will start to crack and wear out if the AC is not being used. These could lead to leaks that we so often encounter. By checking your AC system at least once a week, you can be sure that your AC is working and that you have the right amount of refrigerant in the system. This is true for many components. Your battery will die if you leave your car sitting in one place for too long. Even during the winter, ensure that critical systems like the AC are allowed to run for at least 10 minutes every week. Finally, be sure that your mechanic is checking your AC during your routine maintenance. Just because the AC is working now doesn’t mean that there aren’t any cracks or corrosion that could cause leaks or failures in the near future.

Here are some general tips that you can do to help preserve your AC system:

Condenser Cleaning

Dirt and other debris will build up in this area over time. This will negatively affect the airflow if you allow the area to be clogged up. A mechanic will be able to easily clean or replace this part if needed.

Check The Filter

The AC filter in your car will clog up over time if you do not replace or clean it regularly. If you do not take care of this part, then you will accumulate dirt and dust inside of the cabin of your car.


There are a number of different leaks that can occur under the hood, but AC leaks are very common during the summer months. If you notice leaks, no matter how small they are, then you will need to have someone investigate. They will only get worst over time. One sign that you can look out for is if you see that your AC system is not cooling as well as it used to. This can indicate refrigerant leaks.


Scheduled Mercedes Maintenance

Your Mercedes-Benz owner’s manual will recommend regular maintenance. At Malone’s, we provide A service and B service. Our certified mechanics can easily diagnose, repair or service any Mercedes model. Just like regular health checkups, it is important to have each and every critical system within your car regularly maintained if you want a fully functioning vehicle.


Check out our Mercedes-Benz repair page for more information.

Most Common BMW Mechanical Problems

At Malone’s Service, we pride ourselves as being one of the highest-rated European auto repair shops in Marietta and Atlanta. BMW is one of the most common vehicles that we service and repair. There are a variety of common issues that surface with these luxury cars. Our specialized shop has the tools required to diagnose these problems. Here is a list of the most common problems that we handle:


Electronic Issues

Whether it is windshield wipers or the radio not working while you are driving, electrical problems are some of the most frustrating for owners. The biggest frustration with electrical problems is that they can happen intermittently. If you have a loose wire, for instance, you may only sometimes experience your dash lights going out. Many times, these problems are connected. What may seem like 2 or 3 separate problems may end up being the result of one underlying issue. You will need a certified mechanic in order to diagnose and resolve these issues.


Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are one of the most common issues that affect all luxury European cars, from Land Rover to Maserati. Many times, you will not see an oil leak when it has occurred. If you smell burning oil whenever the car is running, then this is a good indicator that you may have a leak. Gaskets and fuel pumps are the primary cause of oil leaks in BMWs. However, each component that may fail should be examined. The last thing you want is for one of the leaky components to be replaced while another still exists in the car. No matter what the cause, a certified mechanic will be able to diagnose and replace the parts that are at fault.


Steering Wheel

If you are noticing vibrations in your steering wheel, especially when braking, then you may have a failing steering wheel column. The problem will start off small and eventually get to the point where there will be very noticeable shaking of the steering column. If you notice this problem, then it is essential to get the problem resolved as soon as possible. This problem, if left alone, will only cause greater damage as time goes on. As with many repairs, leaving a small problem alone will only harm your vehicle, and your wallet, more in the long run.


Cooling System

Overheating is a common problem that our customers report. There are many factors that could contribute to overheating. From coolant leaks to failing water pumps, we have seen a variety of causes. The entire system should be examined in order to find the failing part or parts. Many owners will complain of the same issues resurfacing even after having their vehicle repaired. Diagnosing and replacing only one failing part is a common cause.



There are a number of issues that we deal with concerning BMW windows. Most commonly, window regulators will break and need replacement. If you notice slow moving windows, then there is a good chance that your window will soon stop moving completely.

German Car Noise Diagnosis Guide

German automobiles can produce a large variety of noises. Some are normal (like the whirring noise made by a happy engine) and some not much. Here are some common noises you should listen for. Remember, you know your car best. If something sounds, looks or feels out of the ordinary, then have your mechanic take a look immediately. Many of the repairs we do are preventable and would be simple fixes had the owner not brought in the car as soon as they noticed something was up.

Loud Bang

These are usually indicative of a backfire from the exhaust. This usually happens due to air mixing with fuel. There are a number of issues which could cause backfires, from oxygen sensors to damaged catalytic converters. If you notice this sound, then you should pay your mechanic a visit. These problems may seem benign, but they are costly to repair if left alone for too long.


These are normally caused when something gets stuck in the car’s fan. Either that, or there is a belt in the car that is in serious trouble.


If you notice a hissing sound coming from under the hood, especially when you shut off the car, then you have yourself a leak. Everything from oil to coolant could be leaking out of the car, hitting hot metal and evaporating. The vehicle could have any number of issue if you hear this sound. The simplest to diagnose is a simple leak from a faulty hose or part, or it could be that your engine is overheating due to another reason.

Squeaking or Chirping

This is almost always due to a misaligned or loose belt somewhere under the hood. Pop the hood and turn the car on. If you hear a loud chirping noise that soon becomes less and less intense, then it is most likely a belt issue. You can try to lubricate the belt and see if the problem goes away. Otherwise, you may have to have the belt replaced or tightened.

The other issue that may cause this noise is brakes. Let your car cool off and then test the brakes on a cold start in the morning. If you notice that the noise is fairly intense, then the brakes are most likely the cause of the noise.

Rattling coming from underneath car whenever gas medal is pressed

If you notice something that sounds like metal vibrating at a really quick rate, then you may have a loose exhaust. This can be quickly resolved, but will require you or a mechanic to get underneath the car in order to fix the issue.

Roaring and/or grinding

This is most commonly encountered on manual transmission automobiles. The clutch might be slipping. Sometimes, the sound may be perfectly normal, like if you have a certain type of tire on your vehicle. If you are unsure, then have your mechanic take a look. These noises can also be indicative of more serious transmission issues.


If you hear this sound, then there is a good chance that something important under the hood is about to become a big headache. See a mechanic as soon as you can. The causes for this noise range from rod bearings to loose pings

At Malone’s Service and Performance, we handle a variety of German auto repairs and are ready to assist you with anything you need.

Most Common Land Rover Mechanical Problems

Land Rover is one of the most common luxury European vehicles that you will see in Georgia. It is very popular for its comfort, durability and road capabilities. However, these vehicles do break down eventually. Parts wear out like in any other car. At Malone’s Service, we handle land rover repairs on a daily basis. Although we can diagnose any issue with a Land Rover vehicle, we encounter common ones mostly like the ones on this list.


land rover repair














Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are a common problem for many European luxury cars, and the repairs are usually fairly straight-forward. One of the most common areas of failures is on the head gasket and on oil cooler lines. It is important to service your vehicle regularly as Land Rover owners report these problems many times even before the vehicle reaches 50,000 miles.


Water Leaking Through Sunroof

We get a lot of reports of leaky sunroofs on Land Rovers. With many Land Rovers, sunroof drains can become pinched and will cause buildup of water which leads to leaking. This is an all-too-common problem that should be checked regularly or during each vehicle service.


Parking Break Failure

If you notice a screeching noise when using the parking break on your land rover, then chances are that you have a failing parking break. If used over time, the parking break will go out of alignment. In order to remedy this problem, the parking break needs to be readjusted. Like with many of the problems on this list, due diligence is key. If you notice something not sounding right, then you need to have it checked out. Some of the biggest repairs we do are preventable. Regular checkups are a must to avoid these types of problems.


Steering Shaft Issues

If you notice loud or strange noises when you turn the steering wheel on your Land Rover, then this may be due to a malfunctioning steering shaft. This most commonly occurs at lower speeds. Again, repairing this issue early on will end up saving you more in the long run as the problem will only get worse.


Airbag Issues

There are a number of issues that can cause airbags to not deploy correctly. Some may even deploy prematurely. Many times misalignment of airbag springs can lead to wires becoming pinched or cut completely.


These are all fairly common issues that should be checked by your mechanic during your maintenance and service. Remember, if you notice that your vehicle is behaving or sounding strange, then it is time to bring it in for a checkup.


At Malone’s Service, we have been repairing Land Rovers for over a decade. Our certified mechanics have the skills and tools required to diagnose and fix any Land Rover problem. Check out our Marietta, GA auto repair shop to learn more about why we are one of the highest-rated European repair shops in Atlanta.

Common Audi Mechanical Problems

There are many different points of failure in an Audi. Here at Malone’s Service, we service and repair many different Audi problems. Whether common or obscure, our Marietta, GA European auto repair shop has the diagnostic tools and skilled mechanics to fix any problem. Here is a list of the most common problems that we encounter. If you need audi repair, then please feel free to call.


Electrical Issues

Electrical part failure is one of the most common issues we diagnose. Clients many times report issues with their digital dash displays. Other than this, problems with lights and tail lamps are common issues. Fortunately, these electrical parts are easy to order and replace. If you are still under warranty, then Audi will many times pay a lot for these replacements.

Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils

If you are experiencing engine misfires, then the problem is many times due to ignition coil failures. This is a very common occurrence. The repair consists of the installation of quality spark plugs and engine tuning. These parts are again not very expensive to replace. If your car’s check engine light comes on and you notice that the car runs rough, then you are most likely experiencing problems with the ignition coil. Audi itself has multiple recalls in place for issues related to ignition coils.

Catalytic Converter

If the catalytic converter becomes too clogged, then it may begin to fail. Carbon can build up and become solid, causing jams in the exhaust. A replacement may not be enough here though. There is usually some underlying issue that is causing the buildup in the first place. This should be diagnosed and repaired so that the problem does not surface again after a replacement.

Oil Leaks

There are two primary places that we see oil leaking from Audis. These are the valve cover gasket and the camshaft tensioner. Replacing the offending part will resolve the issue. If the problem persists, then additional diagnosis may be necessary. Many times, clients will smell the problem before they see it. If you notice the smell of burning oil, then chances are that you have an oil leak. This can be a fire hazard, so you need to work to correct the problem as soon as possible. In addition, if you allow the oil leak to persist for extended periods of time, this will reduce the amount of oil in the engine; this will lead to much bigger and more expensive problems down the road.

Coolant Leaking

If you notice that your low coolant light is on, then you probably have coolant leaking. You can check underneath your Audi to see if you can diagnose the issue yourself. Although there are many different reasons for why this problem can occur, one of the most common is simply a crack in the reservoir. The leak may not be visible until you have allowed the car to warm up for a while. Replacing this reservoir is a simple fix. The costs of ignoring this issue can be serious. Problems related to overheating will be much more difficult to repair.

Choosing a Car Repair Shop

In recent times, Bavarian Motor Works or, BMW has become the prominent brand in the luxury car segment. What exactly gives BMW the strategic advantage over its competitors? BMW centers on maintaining its products within the introduction and growth stages of the cycle. In fact, the Bavarians withdraw products from the market, as and when they move into the latter parts. The new products’ designs.

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Four-Stroke Engines – What is Wrong?

No car trouble is more catastrophic than a brake trouble. Brakes are the ones with the power to make your car stop. Its regular inspection and speedy brake repairs at the slightest hint of a problem can actually be a lifesaver. However, not all brake repair providers have the right credibility and reputation attached to their name. However, with us at Auto, you can be assured to reach the ultimate destination for all things brake.

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How Does a Diesel Engine Work?

It’s common for any car owner to go for a normal car wash in his home using soap and water. However, while this is ok, one should get a professional car washing done by a competent and reputed professional likeAuto more often than not. It actually offers you several advantages like:- At Auto, highly sophisticated cleaning equipments and harmless washing solvents are used which gives you a more thorough cleaning using less water than a regular driveway or pavement cleaning.

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Diagnose Automatic Transmission Problems

Nice cars or ‘green cars’, as they are popularly known, are fast leaving the fuel-powered cars far behind since it offers many advantages like low gasoline costs, comparatively low maintenance costs and ‘zero emission’ factor. Lacking any combustion engine, they are operated through batteries and electric motors. However they too require to be looked after. Auto provides the best electric car services facilities to ensure that it glides.

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