MINI Service & Repair in Marietta GA

Mini Coopers have a unique body, transmission and engine that requires specialized service. Our certified mechanics have the training and expertise required to properly repair your MINI. At the dealer, you don't know who is working on your vehicle; it could be a 10 year veteran or a newbie straight out of school. At our auto repair shop, you can meet and talk to each and every one of us, so that you can be sure we are the real deal. Let our decades of experience with MINI work for you.

High quality services at the hands of experience professionals. This is a simple model we've operated by for the past decade. Whether you need extensive mechanical work or regular maintenance, our commitment to detail and your satisfaction remains the same.

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MINI Scheduled Service - Oil Change

The Manufacturer recommends three types of maintenance services. These services alternate between one another.

1. Oil Change

2. Inspection 1

3. Oil Change

4. Inspection II

These services then repeat at this interval. The services performed during each step is designed so that your MINI runs at peak performance as different parts will start to wear out during different times.

Oil Changes:

This includes more than just an oil change. Along with this, the service requires brake, caliper and rotor checks, contact point cleaning, parking brake checks, replacement of filters such as the cabin filter and hub centering. Best of all, these services are designed to be eco-friendly.


  • Change oil and filter
  • Check interior cabin filter
  • Grease wheel hubs
  • Check brake pads, rotors, and parking brake
  • Clean brake pad contact points

MINI Service Schedule - Inspection I

The Inspection I service is the first major service for MINIs and involves some very important diagnostic checks in order to ensure safety and performance. These include:


  • Oil change with a filter change
  • Brake pad check and replacement (only replace if required)
  • Wheel alignment (if required)
  • Transmission fluid checks
  • Exhaust system inspection
  • Steering rack, linkage, and shaft joints inspection
  • Tire, wheel and brake pad checks
  • Fluid levels check and top offs
  • Battery checks (replacement if necessary)
  • Electrical system checks (includes lights, climate control, wipers, doors and windows, etc.)
  • Check air bags
  • Inspect clutch (if necessary)

Our mechanics know MINI in and out. If there is a part that needs replacing or a service/repair that needs to be done, you can trust that we will deliver quality service with ultra-high-quality parts.


MINI Scheduled Inspection II

Inspection II includes every check you would find in Inspection I, but also some additional services and maintenance that is required for parts that begin to wear and tear at this point.

  • Repeat Service I
  • Air filter checks
  • Serpentine belt inspection and replacement if necessary
  • Inspect brake fluids
  • Check coolant
  • Oxygen sensor replacement (if vehicle has surpassed 100k miles)
  • Spark plus replacement (if vehicle has surpassed 100k miles)
  • Reset the service interval

These inspections are all necessary in order to ensure that your vehicle will not encounter any unexpected problems down the road. Maintenance now will save you costly repairs later. We are trusted experts in the local Marietta area and will help you with any questions related to MINI that you may have.

Recommended Services

There are a variety of services we recommend, especially if you are planning on going on long trips. We will diagnose your vehicle using updated tools so that you know exactly what is wrong. For MINI, there are some manufacturer-recommended services that should be performed periodically.

  • Brake Service
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Oil Service

Maintenance services are a simple and cost-effective way to make sure your MINI Cooper is running at peak levels.

You MINI is always best services by certified and highly-trained professionals. Our expert mechanics offer unmatched service at competitive pricing that you won't find at the dealer.

What Sets Us Apart

You have a busy schedule. We work on your schedule to make sure you are back in your MINI ASAP. The majority of our customers are repeat visitors. Our value and reliability is what keeps them coming back. See it with your own eyes!


   We understand European imports and have been working with them for decades

   Specialized Marietta MINI repair shop that is family operated

   Fast service and quality repairs at unmatched prices

MINI Cooper Repair Marietta GA

When should you bring your vehicle in for repairs or service? We usually recommend coming in for a diagnoses at the first sign of trouble, especially if you see your check engine light turn on. We have scanners that can quickly diagnose any issue with your car and have your MINI back up and running in no time. We repair all recent years and models of MINI. If you need assistance, please feel free to call. Our mechanics have worked on many different MINIs over the years. Let their encyclopedic knowledge of MINI work for you.

MINI Services

Here is a list of a few of the models that we service:

  • Hardtop 2 door
  • Hardtop 4 door
  • Countryman
  • Clubman
  • Convertible
  • And many more!