Land Rover Service & Repair in Marietta GA

At Malone's Service, our highly specialized technicians understand European cars. You name it, we have a technician who specializes in it. This is why we are one of the only auto repair shops in Marietta who offer a 2 year warranty on all of our Land Rover service. From simple oil changes and maintenance, to fuel pump replacement, transmission and engine repair, our specialists have knowledge backed by years of on the field experience.

We offer exceptional Land Rover and Range Rover service that you won't find anywhere else. Up to date equipment and certifications keep us ahead of the game. Our expertise ranges across all years and models. If you have a problem that you just can't seem to figure out, chances are our tools or mechanics will be able to diagnose it.

Ditch The Premium Dealer Price

Compared to a Land Rover dealer service center, we offer better service at a batter rate. You can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is being repaired and serviced by veteran mechanics who have a deep understand of Land Rover. You won't have to worry about your special car being handed off to a trainee.

Talk To Real People, Not Robots

We are locals serving locals. If you need anything, come talk to us. Its as simple as that. There are no lines or paperwork that will prevent you from voicing any questions or comments you may have. This is what separates our services from big dealers. You get professional repairs without the hassle and high price.

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Land Rover & Range Rover Scheduled Maintenance

Even vehicles designed to take a beating like Land Rovers must go through their maintenance. For modern Land Rovers, this is easier than ever. You are reminded by the vehicle by its service interval indicator on the dash. We recommend servicing your vehicle as soon as you see this indicator.

Here is a helpful list of some of the maintenance schedules for various years and models:

Many of the initial services that we provide are similar to all models of vehicles, including oil change, fluid checks, tire and suspension diagnosis, brake inspections, filter replacements, and transmission checks, among other things. Land Rover recommends that you exchange certain parts at regular intervals. These include filters, brake fluid, spark plugs, differential fluid, brake hoses, air filters and others. Don't worry though, we've got you covered on each. We will let you know exactly what is due to be replaced and exactly what will be going towards your service. If you have any questions regarding maintenance, then feel free to speak with one of our advisors.

We also recommend Land Rover's page on guides and manuals for more information about these services:

Recommended Maintenance

There are a variety of basic maintenance we recommend, especially if you are planning on going on long trips:

  • Synthetic motor oil replacement
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Filter replacements (pollen, cabin, etc.)
  • A/C service check
  • Air filter replacements
  • Wheel balancing
  • Check remaining fluids
  • Multi point inspection

Land Rover recommends performing routine maintenance at 7500, 15,000, 22,500 and 30,000 miles.

Here are some of the most common services associated with this routine maintenance. Our expert technicians can provide you with a detailed report for each year.

  • Wheel/tire rotation
  • Fuel line inspection
  • Brake pad, caliper and disc inspection
  • Drive belt inspection
  • Radiator and A/C inspection
  • Fuel line inspection
  • Engine and transmission mount inspection
  • Adjusting tire pressure
  • Exhaust and heat shield inspection

What Sets Us Apart

There are some critical systems that need constant maintenance and repairs. They are all areas we specialize in and include:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Climate control systems
  • Suspension
  • Batteries
  • Drivetrain
  • Tranmission
  • Engine
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