Awesome Mercedes Performance Upgrades and Mods

When it comes to Mercedes, you are getting a vehicle that is a blend of luxury and performance. However, there are many who want to personalize their vehicles or take their performance to the next level. Here is a list of some of the most popular performance upgrades we perform for Mercedes-Benz here at Malone’s Service.

Rear Spoiler

mercedes rear spoiler

There are a variety of spoilers for Mercedes-Benz. There are even spoilers that you adhere to the rear of the vehicle using tape, so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of drilling any holes. A popular mod is a carbon-fiber rear trunk spoiler.


mercedes headlights upgrade

This is a popular upgrade for individuals who have Mercedes that are starting to age a bit. A big problem with these vehicles is that the headlights will begin to fog over time. Aftermarket headlights can not only add a unique look to your vehicle with customization options such as colored LEDs, but will refresh an older vehicle so that it looks much more modern.


You can take your vehicle’s sound to the next level with an exhaust upgrade. These are particularly popular for the AMG Mercedes-Benz. You can pick an exhaust note that really resonates with you.

Steering Wheel

mercedes steering wheel upgrade

You can pick and choose from a vast amount of custom steering wheels for your Mercedes-Benz. We personally love flat-bottom steering wheels.

Rear Diffuser

mercedes carbon fiber rear diffuser

Carbon accents are really in style currently. Everything from spoilers to mirrors to antennas is being covered with stylish accents that really make the vehicle’s body pop out. The rear diffuser is a particularly popular part for carbon fiber replacement.


And this only covers some of our more popular upgrades. You spend a lot of time in your vehicle, so why not customize it to suite your tastes? At Malone’s Service and Performance, we specialize in German auto repair and European performance upgrades.


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