5 Tips For Mercedes Benz Owners

Mercedes are vehicles that are the perfect combination or luxury and performance. Here are some general tips you can follow as a Mercedes owner to ensure that you will always feel knowledgeable during your repairs and services.


Read Your Owner’s Manual

Having general knowledge of each section of your owner’s manual will go a long way. From changing oil to diagnosing and troubleshooting simple mechanical problems, this little book will help you more than any item on this list. You don’t have to go crazy here. Just learn the basics. They can save you a lot of money in the long run. Of particular importance, keep your VIN available, as this will come in handy during many times like when scheduling service for your vehicle. And speaking of service, the owner’s manual will give you detailed information on when you should get your Mercedes serviced. Whether you are looking at A service or B service, you will need to get these done regularly. Otherwise, you will risk having your parts deteriorate over time.

Keep Up With Your Records

Whenever you have a service, repair or upgrade performed on your car, keep a record. Keep your receipts and any other documents from these services. Well-kept records are not only useful for mechanics like us when diagnosing and repairing vehicles, but they also add additional value when selling your vehicle. Whenever we see well-documented histories presented to us, we know that the owner is serious about their vehicle and expects the best service from their mechanics. Cars break down, and by having all of your repairs and services recorded, then future buyers will know that you have done your part in keeping your vehicle running in the best possible condition.

Certified Mechanics

If you are taking your vehicle to an independent shop or a dealership, confirm to make sure that the mechanic who is working on your car specializes in Mercedes-Benz. Cars these days are very complex machines that require specialized knowledge in the inner-workings. You don’t want a summer intern to be poking around in your valuable vehicle. Mechanics who are not certified may not be able to identify and repair all of the issues that your car may be facing. If this happens, you will face other repairs and frustration down the road. At Malone’s service, our certified technicians have been working with European brands like Mercedes-Benz for over a decade.

Always Ask Questions

The more that you know about what is going on with the repair of your car, the better. Whether you are getting your car serviced, repaired or upgraded, you should know the details of what is going on. Do not feel intimidated by mechanics. At Malone’s, we always do our best to ensure that each of our customers know that we are open to talk anytime about the services or repairs we are performing. As the customer, you should always do your part to become more knowledgeable about what is going on with your car. After all, most of us spend time every day in one!

Look For Warning Signs

Most of us drive our cars each and every day. Over time, we become used to them and we can usually tell when something is amiss. If you notice a new noise, new smell or any other oddity, then take note. What seems like it may be nothing today may cause your Mercedes to break down tomorrow. Always look for warning signs and inspect your vehicle to the best of your ability. Proper observation, especially during critical seasons like summer will help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

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