Summer Time Marietta Car Issues

Summer has officially started, and so have the car problems! This is the time of year where we get a variety of issues that only happen during the Summer. The heat is only one factor in all of this. Summer is when people tend to go on vacation and really stack up the mileage on their cars. From traveling across the state to the beach, to having fun going off-roading, there are many ways to have fun with your car. However, these all put more stress on your vehicles. From land rover and jaguar, bmw repair and audi, mercedes service and volvo, no car is immune to the increased wear and tear during the Summer months. Here are some of the most common reasons for summertime break-downs.


Engine Overheating

This is probably the one most people are familiar with. The engine is a hot place, and the car needs to keep the engine under reasonable temperatures in order to run efficiently (or at all). With warmer air, the engine can start to overheat more quickly than normal. This is especially true for longer road trips where your car is traveling further south. Many times, we will simply add more coolant to the vehicle or replace a thermostat here and there. If you notice that your car is having issues with overheating constantly, then there may be more serious problems. Only a certified European auto mechanic will be able to effectively diagnose what is wrong with your car.


Air Conditioner

The AC will work overtime during the Summer. For many of us, a daily commute to and from work in Atlanta traffic is a nightmare, one that is made worse in a hot car. With the AC running full blast for hours at a time, the added stress may eventually cause parts to fail. However, many times drivers will not even notice problems with their A/C because so few run them during the winter. When the heat starts to turn up, that is usually when we see people start coming in for repairs. Don’t get stuck in traffic without cold air. Regularly check to make sure all of these systems are in working order. And if they are not, then bring your car in for a check up and get these areas repaired before you have to deal with the heat.



Having your battery die on you is a terrible feeling, especially during the summer. Have your battery tested at frequent intervals. If your battery does die, then get a jump from a friendly nearby driver and get the battery replaced as soon as possible. Again, vigilance is key here. Have your car tested before the summer months come in to avoid any of these disasters.



It seems that during these times of the month, construction in and around the metro-Atlanta area is in full swing. Due to this, we get a lot more flat tires that need to be replaced. Make sure that your tire pressure is at the right PSI so that you can hopefully avoid having to replace a tire on the side of the road if you do end up getting a nail in one.


It is important to have your vehicle inspected regularly, and especially right before summer time. Your vehicle is a machine, a machine that needs to be taken care of, especially when you start using it a lot more during the Summer vacation months. Happy driving!

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